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Kathimerini ePaper

Read today Kathimerini Greek ePaper published from Faliro, Greece

Kathimerini Newspaper Information

I Kathimerini is a daily morning newspaper published in Athens. It is published in the Greek language, as well as in an abridged English-language edition.

t was created by Georgios Vlahos and was then owned by his daughter, Eleni Vlahou, and her husband, retired submarine commander Constantine Loundras. Vlahou, a prominent Athens socialite in her youth, came to be considered the Grande Dame of Greek journalism. She sold the title shortly before her death. Kathimerini has been owned by Aristidis Alafouzos since 1988.

Kathimerini Newspaper

Kathimerini Newspaper Details

Kathimerini Publisher : "I KATHIMERINI" S.A.

Kathimerini Language : Greek

Kathimerini Newspaper URL :

Kathimerini newspaper published from :Faliro

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