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Dong-a Ilbo ePaper

Read today Dong-a Ilbo Korean ePaper published from Seoul, South Korea

Dong-a Ilbo Newspaper Information

The Dong-a Ilbo (literally East Asia Daily) is one of three major South Korean newspaper with over 2 million daily circulation. Founded in 1920 by Kim Sung-soo, who undertook Korea University during the Japanese occupation of Korea and later served as the second vice-president in 1951, it was a nationalist paper but today it avows in its company motto to be critical and honest in reporting the news.

Dong-a Ilbo Newspaper

Dong-a Ilbo Newspaper Details

Dong-a Ilbo Publisher :DongA Ilbo Co.

Dong-a Ilbo Language : Korean

Dong-a Ilbo Newspaper URL :

Dong-a Ilbo newspaper published from :Seoul

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