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The Sunday Mirror is the Sunday sister paper of the Daily Mirror. It began life in 1915 as the Sunday Pictorial and was renamed the Sunday Mirror in 1963. Trinity Mirror also owns The People (once Sunday People). In September 2011 it had an average weekly circulation of 1,845,683 In July 2011, on the second weekend after the closure of the News of the World, circulation reached 2m, the highest level since January 2000.

In 1952, the Sunday Pictorial ran a three part series entitled "Evil Men" promising an "end to the conspiracy of silence" about homosexuality in Britain. "Most people know there are such things – 'pansies' – mincing, effeminate, young men who call themselves queers (...) but simple decent folk regard them as freaks and rarities." The Sunday Pictorial compared homosexuality to a "spreading fungus" that had contaminated "generals, admirals, fighter pilots, engine drivers and boxers". In April 1963, The Sunday Mirror published a two-page guide called "How to Spot a Homo" which listed "shifty glances", "dropped eyes" and "a fondness for the theatre" as signs of being gay.

Sunday Mirror Newspaper

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Sunday Mirror Publisher : Trinity Mirror

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